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Why Perform Regular Air Duct Cleaning?

In maintaining your wellbeing and overall health of everyone in the house, it is important to have a great indoor air quality. This is the reason why doing air duct cleaning in Austin should be done on a regular basis. Your HVAC system can be one of the biggest contributors in having good or poor health whether you believe it or not. The ducts that distribute heated or conditioned air might be dirt as years go by.

As a matter of fact, average home could accumulate by around 40 pounds of particulate matter annually. Just remember that you should only call experts when you want air duct cleaning in Austin to have peace of mind that you will have a clean environment and also, that your system will run as it was supposed to. Heavy accumulation of dust will impede the performance of the equipment which can be easily prevented by having a clean system.

There are different health conditions that might be triggered by poor air quality. Dirty air conditioner may even cause irritated eyes, asthma, skin problems, migraines and even depression. One of the issues of letting dust to buildup in the system for several years is that, it is hiding in dark corners. As a matter of fact, these are the places that serve as the best breeding grounds for molds and we know that if there is such, it can cause serious respiratory issues. There are also mechanical consequences that you may face when having a dirty duct system. Dust and dirt have its way to settle on anything that it is passing on.

From the point the air is sucked in the air handle where the filter is situated, the fine particles is going to enter. After going through the filter, it starts coating the coil, which is the part in charge for exchanging the refrigerant. The coating is going to reduce the coil’s ability to cool and makes the condensing unit unnecessary strain. Just above the coil, it’s where the blower is located. Despite the fact that it spins so fast, the dust could still cling on to the blade and over time, the weight of accumulated dust can cause strain to the blower causing eventual failure. This is another strong reason for doing air duct cleaning in Austin.

As the particles and dust make it through the air handler, it will be distributed throughout the air duct network. It isn’t just going to settle in curves and bends but it will be blown through the registers. This is actually the time when the quality of air indoors will suffer and the same time when you should perform air duct cleaning in Austin. After all, contractors doing air duct cleaning in Austin have the ability to do a thorough cleaning job.